NWWT se erkenning van van top manlike teeldiere [Masters] diere in die wildbedryf

Reëls / Rules


  • 1. You can enter as many animals of a specie as you want
  • 2. Entries must include at least 10 photos from different angles and a 20 second video of the animal
  • 3. Only the latest statistics regarding Age and measurements not later than 12 months) will be accepted
  • 4. New measurements may be requiered by the judging panel if deemed neccessary by the judging panel
  • 5. Animal must still be alive and breeding
  • 6. Animals can be in a small camp or big farm system, but must be able to be viewed 
  • 7. Only animals recognized by the Department of Environmental Affairs/Nature Conservation of all 9 Provinces will be allowed to enter.
  • 8. Animals will be divided into 3 Categories with 1 group every 3 years.
    • Group A     2020/21
    • Group B    2021/22
    • Group C    2022/23

How to enter

  • 1. You can enter via the NWWT website and click on the Wildlife Masters Icon
  • 2. Follow the link to fill in your details and uploaded your info
  • 3. Complete a separate entry form for each animal and specie
  • 4. A WhatsApp link can also be supplied


  • 1. Entries open 5 October 2020 and close 30 November 2020
  • 2. Preliminary judgement will take place in December 2020. A judgement list will also be sent to everyone that enters, to make the judgement process clear and open.
  • 3. Final judgement will take place by the judges January 2021
  • 4. Winners will be announced on the 17 February 2021 at the yearly NWWT Golf day
  • 5. I know there will be some breeders that will be hesitant to enter, and later say they have better animals. Stand up and be counted because 20 years from now, all that will be left is the results of the NWWT Wildlife Masters, and people will not remember you or the animal if they are not included in this awards.


Jaco Mare – International Cattle judge and Game Farmer

Andrew Aphane - Business Entrepreneur and Game Farmer

Dries van Coller – PHASA President


  • 1. R 2000 + VAT
  • 2. The following will be included in the entry fee
  • 3. The opportunity to part of this platform
  • 4. To measure your animal against the rest
  • 5. Marketing opportunity of your animal and breeding program
  • 6. “Bragging” rights for the next 3 years
  • 7. The animals will be included in a coffee table magazine, that will be distributed Nationally through the NWWT platforms and social media

Group A – Entries close 30 November 2020

•    Buffalo (No differentiation of origin)

•    Roan

•    Sable (No differentiation of origin)

•    Kudu

•    Waterbuck

•    Red Hartebeest

•    Tssesebe

•    Eland (No differentiation of origin)

Group C - Entries close 30 November 2022

•    Reedbuck

•    Mountain Reedbuck

•    Grey Reedbuck

•    Steenbok

•    Duiker

•    Klipspringer

•    Bontebok

•    Bushbuck

•    Nyala


North West Wildlife Traders

First National Bank


Account Number: 62007855060

Branch Code: 240 440

Reference: Name + Specie

Group B - Entries close 30 November 2021

•    Wildebeest






•    Blesbuck





•    Impala



        White flank



•    Springbuck







•    Gemsbuck







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